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He’s got my back.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Let's face it, life is tuff. Not only do we have to fight for survival in our daily needs we have to fight for emotional needs, physical needs and most importantly our spiritual needs.

This is not the 70’s where people had low white picked fences, drive-in movie theaters, open windows and unlocked doors when sleeping, neighborly neighbors, personal relationships with your friendly grocer, kids playing tennis in the streets, well I think I can carry on with this for days but you get the picture. We have to fight these days, fight for survival, no wonder we are so exhausted and have less time relaxing than back in the 70’s. Physically drained, emotionally drained, the tap empty due to the high life - spending more that what we earn. This makes me sad, and I almost want to use the words “I wish....” but I won’t do that.

While we are all trying to swim and fight the fight, keeping head above water some of us manage to add dreams, we manage to find light in the darkness and we hold onto the promises of God. Here’s the thing though... the enemy doesn’t like that very much. He wants us to live a ‘robot like’ life..... day in and day out without any meaning. Never going places, never reaching our full potential, that potential GOD has in store for me and you. Some people go through their whole life doing everything that is required but never find the one thing they are missing, always working, always fighting the good fight of life, but they miss it. They miss doing it with inner joy, they miss the perfect plan of GOD. Success is not measured in your bank balance or the amount of trophies you have, it’s measured in joy. REAL JOY! Peace at night when you put your head on the pillow, contentment when you watch your kids play, intimacy when you with your spouse, laughter when you visit with real friends and hope when you look at the future.

If I haven’t said this enough, I’m going to say it again today. Don’t allow the enemy to steal from you. Don’t allow him to use people and situations to break you down, to break your spirit and to steal your future. Remember if there is one thing the enemy can’t stand is us getting closer and closer to God’s perfect plan, especially if it involves glorifying His mighty name. God has already defeated the enemy, turn around and walk away from it. Take God’s hand instead and walk with Him, He will fight your battles, He will provide for tonight, He will lead you to greener pastures as long as you choose Him and His ways.

Cover yourself in prayer, listen to what God teaches us in Proverbs, use those lessons as tools and no matter how much it hurts to keep quiet or turn the other cheek, remember God doesn’t miss anything, He sees everything and He’s got your back.

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