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Going on eight weeks!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I am such a huge fan of holiday, I love love love holiday and always pull my kids a week early from school. Our school headmaster knows by now.... although technically he doesn’t give permission because he can’t.

This is our last week of holiday, the Sumer / Christmas holiday is over and for the first time since my kids started school in 2014 I can’t wait for next Wednesday morning.

Really we are in week 7, we were away for 4 weeks of the 7 and I’m at a point now where I don’t know what else is left to do. I can’t entertain them any longer. After this school holiday I need a holiday. Did I mention 8 weeks?

So yes the mommy guilt kicks in when I get to the end of the day and dream about that drop and go zone at school and yes sure 3 weeks from now I’ll be counting the weeks until the next holiday but this has been long. I’ve had my nails done like I don’t know 30 times, I’ve had my hair and make up done, we’ve baked, I’ve literally spent hours next to the pool in the sun, I’ve watched Cars 3 maybe 20’times, I’ve done so many meals a day I’ve lost count, I’ve been jumped on, drawn pictures, played with clay, mastered their games on the iPad, built puzzles ..... I can write and essay on this.

Now I want to return to the Mom world and Mom life where I can focus on groceries and shopping lists, planning and taxi mom, quick adult chats at tennis and most importantly DO MY OWN WORK.

What have you done this holiday to entertain the little peeps? Maybe I’ll borrow some of your ideas for our next Sumer break.


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