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Go big!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In our house we go big when celebrating birthdays! A little tradition I started years ago before we even had kids. It’s normally an entire week of parties and get togethers, just celebrating that life.

Why? I love birthdays, I don’t really want to get older but to me a birthday is a really special day. (In my book it’s not just another day) It’s a reminder of another gifted year, I’m thankful each time I get to celebrate a birthday with one of my kids or any loved ones! Their time is borrowed and with this always in the back of my mind I make a huge “woo-ha” about their birthdays. I fuss and we plan, they pin pictures and I try to deliver their wildest little dreams for the perfect birthday.

I’m normally exhausted after a birthday but it’s okay because for that little person it only happens once a year.

Today we celebrate my little Roxy Foxy’s birthday and I am so proud of the beautiful girl she has grown into. Today 7 years ago she came into my life with a bang! Everything after that happened with a bang and out of all my kids her life goes by fastest. Even more reason to celebrate her life!

Roxy you are one very special girl, one that says a thing exactly the way it is. One that does not hold back to learn and to become better and better at the things you put your mind to. People adore you, it must be your spontaneous honesty! You love, you care, you consider, you pray for others, you understand when to take a step back, you give, you have so much potential and you use it. We are so proud of you. You shine like a bright star. May God be your guidance, may He take you to places you only dream of, may you find His voice inside you and may you follow in His footsteps.

Happy birthday my sweet princess. We love you to the moon and back! Can’t believe you are seven!

Remember a birthday is not just another day, it’s a celebration. A celebration of life gifted to you for yet another year! I say go big!

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