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Giving is the best medicine 💊

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Doing something good every now and again is important. I am a firm believer in giving and it is one of my most favorite things to do. Especially when I hear from God and does exactly what He tells me. The miracles I have seen, in front of my own eyes..... And to do the work of God like this just brings such joy.

I was once instructed to go buy a couple of groceries for a young lady and just drop it in front of her door with a note that states it's from God. She told me about this mysterious parcel and couldn't help but cry because the things inside that box, were specific things down to the brand name that she prayed for. Even the little spoils were in there. That day God taught me to always listen. When He gives instructions we must just follow it through but we need to do it when He gives the instruction.

I have also heard God tell me to do things and thought I will do it as soon as I have time and missed the, I don't know lets call it the dead line and it was too late. Trust me the disappointment was big and it's something I can never ever do again. I can't go back and I can never send those flowers again, because she is not here with us anymore.

We all have our gifts, we all know more or less what they are. It's important that we listen and learn how to use it. Sometimes I get instructed to do things that I think, "oh my word, this person is going to think I am crazy when I give it to them!" When I give it, it is exactly the thing they have prayed for. It's living proof that God speaks to us and guides us on our daily path to be a blessing.

I can tell you about so so many life changing stories where I have been the chess piece on a chess board and God moved me into a place that put the Devil into checkmate. And the secret is only too listen.

I want to become so fine tuned that I never miss His voice and always know where to bless and how to spoil.

I sing this song..... Open the eyes of my heart Lord! I want to see you.....

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