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Friends count too! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I really want to go deep into friendship tonight. If you are married, in most cases your husband is your best friend but fact is they are from Mars and can't always understand where we are coming from, thus we need girl friends!

I don't have a lot of real friends that live right here deep deep in my heart but I have enough. These woman mean the world to me and they really are all unique and so good to me in their own special way. They all contribute to my soul!

I believe friends are part of our lives for a reason and they are there to pick up pieces when we feel like we can't hold it all together. They are there when we cry to wipe the tears. They are there to give a ear when no one is listening. They are there to laugh with us when we do something funny or silly. They are there to hold your hand when you are scared and facing a giant. They are there to share a cup of coffee when no one else is around. They are there to talk you through something you not so confident in doing. They are there to see your heart, cherish your secrets and dream your dreams with you.

I love how this is so apart of our lives and how God has just really thought of this too. I'm grateful tonight for these amazing Godly woman in my life and how they were hand picked for me. Some have been there for years and others just for a year, but they are all special in their very own way!

I am truly a blessed girl and I feel like we don't always say thank you to these special people in our lives, these people that make a huge impact on our lives and basically walk the walk with us, side by side.

Appreciate your friends, show gratitude if you have someone amazing in your life. I'm going to make a point of it, because sometimes it's just time to give back and love.

If you can be a good friend, you can be a good parent and spouse and child of God because ultimately every relationship is a friendship.

I want to be a good friend and I want my people to feel and know that I appreciate them and love them just the way they are ❤️🎀

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