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Fighting in a war!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's funny how life works out, the different turns and paths it takes us on! I mean I look at my life now and I am pretty much where I always wanted to be. I'm happy, but that doesn't mean I've had no struggles in and outward. It doesn't mean if we are happy with where we are it's always been easy, or even without a little bit of pain. It also doesn't mean it's where we want to stay for the rest of our lives, sometimes we are content but other times we want more! In the sense of family and inner growth, I'm not talking about materialistic stuff. We are woman, and on woman's day we celebrate being a she.

Woman's day represents a celebration of the fight woman fight and fought and courage woman of South Africa had and have! We're all where we are because of choices, a lot of times those choices are not easy and other times we don't really have a choice, but as woman we make choices for our families and ourselves because that is what woman do! We stand firm and strong, we fight courages and brave, with inner strength, wisdom and love! We don't give up, and when we tired we fight harder and better than ever before, just to get closer to bed time.

Everything God created was good, but I am so happy He made me a "she!" We were put together with a little more care, gently planned to be soft but hard, to be a submissive leader, to climb mountains that even birds can't see the top, God added a touch of His very own fathers love to our hearts and emotions to carry that heart and everyone else's hearts close to us. He gave us a voice, we had to fight for it but we have it now and although it's soft and gentle, it's firm! He planned this, because we are the glue that makes everything and everyone stick! Here is the secret, if the glue has God in it, the family, our families will have a life time guarantee of prosperity, protection and a future. Woman on their knees bless not only their own children but also the generations to follow from their kids. I celebrate being a woman and I celebrate the fact that I am able to pray. I have a FATHER who listens and protects and the power of that love is greater than any love I could ever have given in my own power. A praying woman is a warrior fighting a war that we are so many times not even aware of! ❤️ Happy woman's day

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