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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Mixed emotions all the time, I tell you. One day up and the next day down. Gosh it’s not even a daily thing, it’s a moment thing, but then you get days like Monday.

On Monday my husband told me to go to town and do what I need to do, he’ll take care of the kids for a while. I absolutely didn’t question him and was ready in five. When I left our little Cape apartment, baby started screaming. I turned back after the front door was already closed, figured one is better than four. I stood in front of the door as he was screaming and banging on the door, but I did nothing. I stayed for about a minute and decided with confidence “it’s ME time.” I walked away feeling a little guilty but before I was in my car I felt better. I mean I couldn’t hear him scream anymore. Apparently this carried on for ten minutes and nothing worked. He got over it eventually.

I walked around, went into every shop, looked at everything, touched everything, admired everything and really just enjoyed the peace. Three calls and two hours later I was greeted with tears at the front door. They actually missed me, or did they? The three bedroom space turned into a war zone, I had to make my way through an obstacle course just to get to the lounge area. The kids were loud, very bouncy and over excited. Mommy was home!!! They were hungry, they were thirsty, they ate 60 days of gummy vitamins in one go, they all had a story to tell at the same time and I realized I easily could have stayed another hour. Why didn’t I? Did I mention hubby was even happier to see me? It took him about five minutes to pass out on the couch in a sitting position! (This job is exhausting!)

As I fixed them lunch and listened patiently to all the different stories I kept drifting off the the two hours of absolute silence and mommy mind stuffies. It was wonderful. Being a mom is magnificent but taking a moment for yourself, especially during school holidays..... let’s just say money can’t buy that!

Best part is I got myself a new jacket (I know right in the middle of summer), one that I saw two weeks ago and was hesitant. I behaved like a rebel and just got it for myself.

Sometimes as moms we have to just walk away and take the time we need. We never know when the next opportunity might come, to just be with ourselves and take a breather. It’s important to look after yourself first, and I know I’m the worst at this. The kids always come first, but we need to make time to breath when the sun is high and someone else is taking care of the domestics.

I had a blast. No broken bones. No regrets. Try it ladies, you never know what tomorrow or even the next five minutes may bring.

Thanking my husband for giving me the gift of time.

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