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Devine plan

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I'm so excited! I know Gods plans are big but when you actually see how Gods hand puts things together it is breath taking! I'm experiencing life different for the first time in my life this year and I'm really starting to understand the Devine plan He has for all of us. I see how He prepares a person and I realize how He has known right from the beginning.

Look Gods plans are not always easy and sometimes its really scary but here is the beauty behind this little theory. My good friend and sister in Christ told me something that took my breath away on Monday morning. Again so simple but such wise and amazing advice.

She said: "when Jesus walked to the disciples and told them to put down their nets and follow Him to become fishermen of man, they had a choice! But they had to make that choice right there!" She said that Jesus did not tell them to go sleep on it, He did not say lets go have a meal and discuss this. He did not ask for a second and a third time, no! He asked once and they had to choose, right there. Now the interesting thing she said was that we don't know what path God walked with them before Jesus came.

God takes time before a "mission" to prepare us for the big day. He molds us, He shapes us, He teaches us until one day when He thinks we are ready and then He asks us...... Once! If we choose to not obey, He will find someone else to finish the job. Then we would have missed our chance to complete a job that was made for us.

I know I don't want to miss my chance! I want to live the Devine life Christ has planned for me and I want to do it with all my heart. Scared or not, big or small, I just want to be in His light doing the work that He made me to do!

So if you know you have to do something and it seems like you are not ready or it's too big for you, don't be scared, trust God, He has prepared you and will never put you in a situation if you are not ready. All this is ultimately to glorify His name. Open the eyes of your heart and see Him.


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