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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

We think cross roads are not that important and we think if we take a wrong turn here, it can be easily fixed over there. Or should I say we sometimes think like this. Problem is we don't always realize that a very small decision in life can make such a big impact on your life and just maybe change the entire course of your life.

I, once upon a time, before I was a mom had my very own successful small business. It really wasn't anything to write a book about but I was proud of it. I had 3 employees and we traveled the country being mystery shoppers and callers, doing assessments on customer service. I loved it! I loved everything about the job!

I am married to a business owner and he has always been my inspiration. So in the beginning it was great, he gave me good advice, got me connected with the right people and I was off to start this journey. After a year I rented my own office space and it was really going well....... But only in my business, I couldn't say the same for my marriage! You see, if you have 2 people in one marriage working the way we did, living for our business, the stress and the fact that I was basically never home accept from Thursday's to Sunday's then things are going to go wrong.

I remember hitting a brick wall in my marriage where I no longer felt like I needed him. I was so independent and successful that I actually felt like I could take on the world without him. I mean let's face it, a little bit of power and you loose interest in being submissive and listening to another person other than your daddy! Don't get me wrong, I wasn't the only one at fault here but I'm not blind for where I went wrong.

And then one morning I woke up and right in front of my eyes was a cross road! Unexpected but it was there. I had to ask myself the question, left or right. Trust me when I say to you today, I did the exact opposite of what I wanted to do on that day! I wanted to leave and go into corporate and just be accountable for me. I had no energy left to fight and I had no "love" left to give but after 4 days where I know many people prayed for us and our marriage I chose us. Maybe not with a 100% fight in me but I still chose us and that's all that matter. Little did I know the rest will come naturally later on.

Within 2 months I sold my business and decided to stay at home, become a wife. A helper to my husband. It wasn't easy, I had to learn to ask, I had to learn to lean on him in ways that I never did before I stopped working and I had to learn to trust him for and with everything. I also learned to pray! I learned to pray for us, for him, for whatever it was that he was working on and I learnt to become his friend and his rock. I'm actually still learning.

I have no regrets and I look back at the girl I was and I know I was selfish and I know I was wrong. I also know I made one of my biggest decisions that day when I walked back into our home! A decision I will never forget and a decision I made against my own will but followed the inner voice that speaks to me and that is God! I listened!

Today so so many years later the fruits of our tree is devine and our marriage are one that I am truly proud of! He has become more than just my husband, he has become my other half.

If you hit a cross road follow your inner voice, God will reveal the way, always! He will not leave you, He will show you and guide you. The way of the flesh always seems like the better option but in the long run God knows best! Trust Him, with Him your destiny holds so many promises! 🎀

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