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Coffee with Jesus

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Obviously being the mom I wake up first, tipi toe through the house, pack lunch boxes and have my first cup of coffee. Sometimes I even take a bath.

As much as I am not a morning person, this is my devine time. This is the time where God speaks to me and the time where my mind can really get creative or still. Depending on my mood. This is also the time of day where I talk myself into being the best mom in the world and what I'm going to do different and where I am going to improve. This time of day I float around peaceful, sleepy but peaceful!

When I wake them first I give them butterfly kisses and cuddles, but as the clock moves my voice gets tenser and my level of patience gets lower. Before I know it I'm saying stuff like "tonight you are going to bed earlier!" And "this is the last time I'm letting you lie in!" By the time I'm done with all the heads, teeth and tummies we rush out the door with bags half open, shoes missing and baby screaming! We live in a security complex so the way out is slow, there's a speed limit 🙄, I know right! Don't they know moms are late!!! By the time we hit the boom, I make sure my turbo wakes up! Dropping the kids is always a mission! Crossing the road, me always carrying everything for everyone, running up the stairs, fighting a fight to get them where they need to be!

Finally back in my car...... Alone........ Music loud........ My mind drifts and I get back onto my cloud! Talking to myself, talking to God. Thinking and enjoying being with me and then only do I think about how precious the little people are and how much I'm going to miss them! And I'm thinking tomorrow I'm going to do this better!

My night routine is pretty much the same..... To get them through bath, prayer, story and feeding them....... It's almost like a nightmare before they are all off to "LALA LAND" Finally they sleep and I listen to my Praise and worship or watch something good, I just relax, maybe talk to you, have a cup of calming green tea with lemon and I find myself again at this point; tomorrow I'm going to do it better.

How is it even possible to go from one extreme to the next so easy and so quickly! Then I look at other moms and I wonder if they ever get impatient and if they do, do they even show it? Do they ever raise their voice or just for a moment close their eyes and think, just seriously give me a second! We strive to be better everyday and we work hard at it sometimes, other times we just don't have the energy to work at anything and that's okay but the important thing is to find that silence. It works for me! And with silence I don't mean it has to be silent, I just mean your happy place for that moment. Find that time where you can go and connect with God. Where you can just sit and listen, dream dreams and talk to yourself! It doesn't have to be hours a day, even if it is 5 minutes, I saw today, it's enough. Yes I reach that peak again, and yes I think every day I could have been better but at least I also had my time with God and myself. It's okay to want to be better, it's actually important to want to be better everyday. It's the way we grow! It's the way we get from yesterday to tomorrow.

I'm quoting someone now but I love it so much - you can call it "coffee with Jesus time!" I love it😇

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