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Buckle up kids! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Exhausted after a long week with all the kids home and long late nights with the melodrama that continues tonight.

I kept my children home this week, it's so cold and I don't want to invite colds and flu into the house. I also kept my oldest at home because they had melodrama all week and got home so late at night, we couldn't get out of bed in the mornings.

I missed gym the entire week accept for Tuesday morning, I had no socializing with my friends this week, even the ones at school, we just worked all week. I hardly saw my husband as I was at school and he was here at home with the other kids. So I missed out on all the special things this week that gives me energy and power to carry on.

Looking forward to a weekend with my family. Getting my over tired kids back into routine and getting some attention from my overworked husband and visa versa.

Next week everything will turn back to normal and the weather should get a bit better so that we can go out and get some vitamin D. Funny how schedule and routine can be exhausting but so important.

Buckle up kids, fun week is over, mommy is back!

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