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Become a flower 🌺

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's the beginning of a new season. The most beautiful season in the year. The sun shines brighter and the birds sing early. I can see the green ends on the big old trees as the leaves start popping out everywhere. The air smells different and there is a new born hope for rain. We wear less clothes and our toes can breath, a warm feeling rests on our shoulders when we are out in the sun! Everything changes in this season, even the gardening routine, the sprinkler system times and pool pumps come on. The gym parking area is full and people are smiling, I hear kids laughing outside and windows are open.

I can't help but feel joy on this day, although I'm exhausted I feel fresh and awake! The beautiful flowers everywhere can turn a bad day into a better day.

I also feel it's spring in my own life. New things are happening, God is preparing a beautiful garden for me and the time to blossom is now. He is doing big things that will change much more than just brown trees into green trees. I believe we live in the end days, but there is still so much to be done. Any kind of fear is in the past, any kind of failure is in the past, that was winter! The future holds beautiful promises and a bright future.

Leave the winter in winter, enter this new season with a new heart, take your dreams and make them a reality. This is the time for everything new, growth and beauty. This is the time to shine and to blossom.

It's not just spring outside your window, it's also spring in your heart 🌺 Water your garden with the Holy Spirit and see what God can grow, remember our dreams are small compared to what He has planned! Don't wait another year, don't wait till next spring! Do it now, make it happen, this is your day and your time to become a flower in Gods garden!

Happy spring day 🌸

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