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Because Of You Dad I Am Who I Am #marisclimbskili


It’s a Dear Daddy Letter


Finishing Up When my husband lost his dad last year I saw the gap it left. I see him walking around wishing he could share things with his dad, even if it’s just a Coke. I’m sorry for those who have lost their dad’s. I want to pray for your sadness and heartache. A dad is a special person and so important in our lives. If you still have a dad, treasure him. Take him for a milkshake and watch his wrinkles of wisdom. Embrace his love, it’s a beautiful gift from God. If you’ve never known the love of a father I want to sincerely say I’m sorry. We all share a Heavenly Father and I pray that His love has touched you in a way that you know and understand exactly what I’m talking about. Every girl deserves to be a daughter and every girl deserves to be loved by a father. Always remember God loves you no matter what your story tells. Be sure to follow the blog as I’ll be taking you to the top of Kilimanjaro from down below in the rain Forrest all the way to the icy roof of Africa.

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