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All of the above and more! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

When I stop my car, everyone jumps out and runs inside, leave me standing to offload the car just like a porter or a bellhop!

I get different food and drink orders all day long just like a waiter!

I'm expected to make magic with everything I do, but in my life story the clock never strikes @ 12! Just like a fairy godmother!

I'm expected to pick up toys, help clean their mess and wash walls and tables with permanent markers before dad gets home, just like a full time maid.

I'm expected to fix everything, change batteries, sort out the television when something goes wrong, just like a mechanical electrician.

I have to cheer the loudest next to the field and in the hall with the concert just like a cheer leader.

I have to clean up vomit, take temperature, run to the pharmacy, make doctor appointments, sit up late next to their beds when they not feeling well just like a doctor.

I have to bake and cook in style just like a chef.

I have to manage the money and the monthly expenses, planning finances in birthday parties, dance concerts and 100 other extras on the list just like a banker.

I have to be the bad cop but also the good cop because that's what I do and that's what they expect just like a speed cop that's being bribed.

I have to do homework all over again and learn to read and write everyday, I have to write orals and learn them to know them so I can help just like a teacher.

I have to always be prepared to sit and listen, I have to be a pilar and a source of good advice just like a BFF!

I have to race from point A to point B and make the stops in time just like a taxi driver.

I have to plan each and every day perfectly otherwise something might not work out somewhere and then everything would be a mess, just like an event planner.

I have to get to gym, plan my days around this 1 hour a day I take for myself, just like a professional sportsman.

Then I'm also a qualified personal shopper, interior designer, CEO, motivational speaker, night owl, PTA mom, Sunday school teacher, and somewhere in between there a friend to people my own age 🙃

No wonder we feel over worked and under paid. No wonder we loose ourselves in this life called mom. No wonder we get demotivated and highly annoyed by our dreams packed away far far away.

I'm telling you tonight I can not do this without God and He is my strength! He is my only strength. I fail horribly sometimes and can get so irritated and worked up, but we keep trying and we keep praying to become better and better every day. They need me, but more importantly, I need them. We can do this thing, no matter how hard and how tired we get, we have a Father that never sleeps and sits by our beds at night with His hand over us, giving us new life and new energy for the next day to come! He hears our prayers and He sees our heart, and that, well that is my motivation to be the best I can be in all the above mentioned occupations. Although I have only 1 qualification on paper that I mentioned, as a mom I believe we are the best in our field for our families. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!


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