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Introducing the puberty gift box for girls - a thoughtful gift designed to provide all the essentials and more during this significant and emotional time in a girl's life.

This carefully curated gift box includes items like sanitary pads, deodorant, toiletry bag, period undies and my book explaining what puberty is and why.

It's a big milestone in every girl's life, and this gift box serves as a practical and thoughtful way to support her during this transition. It's not just about the physical items, but also about acknowledging the emotional and psychological changes that come with puberty.

This gift box is a meaningful gesture that recognizes and celebrates this important stage in a girl's journey to womanhood, making it a truly special and empowering gift.

Puberty Complete Starter Pack includes

4 different types of Always Pads

4 mini Lilets 

1 soft cup

1 period panty 

1 pair of cute undies

Gunaguard wipes

Body Spray

Under arm roll-on


Something Sweet


2 Cute tween suprises

Pink toiletry bag

Book "Pooperty is not that bad" 


Puberty Complete Starter Pack

R1 250,00Price
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