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Where Did It All Start

We all have a story, here is mine.

I started my writing as a wife and mom to 4 pre tween and toddler kids where I needed to say something somewhere back in 2016. So I wrote. Without even knowing or realising blogging was a real thing I started writing on a separate Facebook page and sharing my experiences and struggles.

Writing was always one of my biggest dreams. To publish a book by the age of 30 was a goal on my list back in 2001. So I knew I wanted to write and make a difference of some sort. Obviously I was only 20 at the time but when you know, you know.

I started my Wordpress blog as Mom Just Saying in 2017 I think. Quickly came to realise there was a whole world out there that I never knew about. Although writing was my passion a completely different world pulled me in, the one where you have social media, promote yourself, products and writing went from passion to work.

In 2020 I started homeschooling my kids (The Mad Loud House) and with all the “new” that came in with that year I decided to give myself a break as Mom Just Saying and just find my new way. I was ready to return in 2022 but not as Mom Just Saying, as an author. I wrote and published two books in 2022 and started a fun YouTube Channel with the kids. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted to do more, say more and make a bigger difference.

The past six years has probably been our toughest years as husband and wife, marriage, kids moving from tween towards teen years, moving towns, business, Covid, almost losing my husband twice in one year (2020) adapting to homeschooling, being hurt by soul friends, all our family immigrating and hitting my forties.

I wanted to make a difference. I need to make a difference. I need to speak for those who only read, but need to hear it. Because I know we all feel it from time to time, experience it at some point in our lives. I have a voice and I need to speak up. But I wasn’t completely sure how? I And when I am not sure about something I sit on it, keep feeding the fire burning inside my soul with wood. I kept asking myself simple questions.

What do I know?

I want to leave a legacy. For my kids. For future generations.

What do I love?

My kids, my husband, my home, writing, travel and so the list can continue.

Where am I going?

As high as I can and do whatever it takes.

Over two years ago I had a conversation with my nephew and we were just chatting about flipping houses and making everything that is old new and beautiful. I remember the day, and he is one generation younger, and with all that said in one conversation I came up with the name Flipping Generations.

I’ve sat on this name for over two years, keeping it in the back of my mind but knowing it would eventually feature. Now, today I know exactly what it is I want to say and do. I don’t just want to flip houses and make the old new, I want to flip things around for our next generations. My next generations. My children and their children to come. I want to leave them with something that will always bring them back to the core.

The Core?


Here is my advice for today. If you don’t know where you are going today, tomorrow might be the day. Sometimes we do the same thing for years not knowing that it might lead to something. Sometimes we might do nothing for years that will eventually lead to something just because you thought about it.

Don’t question your dreams. If it is a seed and you water it, it will one day become a flower. If you know you have a purpose don’t just give up, wait for the green light and go. If you don’t know what your purpose is, that’s ok. Pray, ask yourself the questions and it will come to you. God is always busy in the back ground, preparing us for His greater purpose.

Our new website Flipping Generations is a working progress but I know where I want to take it. All the tiny little steps to this point has brought me closer towards my bigger picture eventually. Remember we are not done until we are done. Nobody can take that away from you. Whatever is in your heart will still be there tomorrow. Nobody can take that from you.

Never stop dreaming even in the midst of tough times. Encourage wherever you go and if you have days where you feel like not getting up, not knowing where you going, take the day as a rest day. Allow yourself to also feel the emotions and motions. As long as you keep pitching up for yourself. Just show up and become your own best cheer leader.

You will absolutely find your thing and trust me when I say probably when you least expect it.



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