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I Have a Dream

Sometimes We Have To Say It Out Loud

I have a dream.

We all have one crazy dream, or maybe even more than just one. I've accomplished my first dream which was to write a book. And now that I am into that and doing it with ease, it is time to move onto my next big dream. I must admit this dream is a little far fetched, even for me but maybe if I say it out loud and claim it, it might just turn into a reality.

I think it is time I say it out loud. Just claim it. My next big dream is to travel around the world with my kids and husband for a year. Never taking a break, just travel from the one end of the world to the other end before we come back home.

And I just said it out loud. That feels good.

Unrealistic Or Not

It is a little unrealistic. First off, finance will play the biggest role here, and realistically it makes no sense in the adult world. Also just taking a year off, away from life and responsibilities to disappear for a year is something you do when you leave school. Before you set up house. Before you have kids. Right? Is it a midlife crises? Can we take a gap year smack in the middle of life? Will we even enjoy being away for so long, and all those "what if's" Logically it doesn't make sense and as a responsible adult we can't just pack up and ride off into the sunset.

But hear me out. Why not?

We can create memories that will last a life time. Our kids are all finally big enough to do something this big. Travelling has always been one of our favorite things in the world and I've been doing it with the kids since they were very little. And why must travel stop at our South African boarders? These are all the questions I ask myself. Every time I have a valid point not to do it, I have a better counter point why to do it.

Always Been a Dreamer

Since I can remember, I've always had crazy idea's. I have always been a dreamer. Or maybe not so crazy but different. I remember long before I got married when I still lived in my bachelors flat in an old building from the 60's I read a book. It was written by Koos van der Merwe. It's an Afrikaans book, and I'm not sure if it is available in English, "Die dorp potensiaal" which means the town potential.

This book changed the way I think forever. And although I was only 20 when I read it, I remember everything he said. Being different and doing things differently to the rest of the world is ok. We don't always have to see things the same, and do what everybody else does. I have always followed my heart, doing things my way. And so many times people have asked me but why.

"Why do you travel alone with four kids for 4 weeks at a time?"

"Why do you homeschool your kids?"

"Why did you put your kids in an Afrikaans school when they were English?"

"Why did you move to Gauteng?"

"Why don't you allow your kids to sleep over at their friends house?"

I can continue with all the "why" questions I've had to answer for years. My why is because I follow my heart. I pray and then I wait. I listen to God's voice, in whatever form it comes, the answer always finds me.

I decided in my small flat on that day I want an extra-ordinary life and story. I decided that I don't want to do things just because everyone else is doing it. I decided that even when it gets tough to swim in a different direction, I will stick to my gut feeling and listen to my heart because then I know it came from God.

So Why Not?

Unrealistic or realistic I have a dream. Will it ever come true? I don't know, but I am 100% going to hold onto it and who knows just maybe this massive dream of mine becomes part of my extra-ordinary story. I will hold onto the promises God makes and He says: "nothing is impossible for me." So why not pray for my dream? Why not believe? Why not ask?

Do you have a dream that seems completely impossible, but your heart just can't let it go?



Travel around the world with my four kids for a year
Travel Around The World

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