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Pooperty Is Not That Bad

This is the third book I wrote. I dedicated the book to my two beautiful daughters, Nika and Roxy. To grow up and become a woman is a blessing from God and it was important to me that they get the right message from the word go. The word "pooperty" is what we started calling puberty to keep the subject light and happy at home. Let's face it, if your daughter goes in puberty, they think it's the worst thing in the world. And that is where the name was born. Pooperty is not that bad.

More About The Book

Pooperty is not that bad for girls is an easy-to-understand book that helps young girls navigate the changes and challenges of puberty. Everything from self-care to menstruation and those other little things in-between. The book provides accurate and age-appropriate information to help girls understand with is happening to their bodies.

You will find wonderful tips on how to cope with emotions, how they need to take care of themselves and when it is necessary to talk to you, the parent.

What Is Inside

The book for girls, Pooperty is not that bad
Pooperty is not that BAD

A 9 chapter book with where I kick off with "you are beautiful." Then I go over to explaining what puberty is, how the body will change over time. I explained how to understand and know your body.

I discuss pimples, hair, menstruation, hormones and sex.

All these subjects are hard to talk about without proper guidelines. This book is a guideline for moms. An easy quick read and then a conversation starter where you as mom can answer all the questions your daughter has.

Why Is This Important

It is important to start these conversations early enough and create a safe space for your daughter to ask questions and have the courage to open up when something is bothering her. This book is here to give you guidance and to make this process and time in your daughter's life as normal as possible.

What Is The Age Restriction

You can start reading this book to your daughter as early as eight years old and only read the chapters that is appropriate for where she is. Every girl is different and they all develop at their own pace. The sooner you introduce them to the subjects, the better she will handle it when she is bigger.

This book is based on Biblical principles and it was written from a mothers heart.

Where Can You Get This Book

Pooperty is not that bad is available in our own book shop right here on the Flipping Generations website. It is available in print or as an e-book. You can also order it on Amazon as a kindle if you prefer that.

What's next?

I am busy with two new books. One that I am very excited about but can't say too much yet and then of cause Pooperty Is Not That Bad for boys which should be available early September.

Chat soon friends.



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