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Introducing "Sunset" earrings, where nature's splendor and graceful design converge in a breathtaking display. These enchanting earrings feature a longer rectangular drop, carefully crafted from wood, adorned with delicate golden accents that capture the essence of a stunning sunset.


Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing colors of dusk, these earrings emanate a sense of tranquility and serenity. The wooden rectangular drop, with its natural grain and warm tones, serves as a canvas for the golden embellishments that gracefully adorn its surface. Like the fading rays of the setting sun, the delicate gold details add a touch of elegance and radiance to the overall design.


As daylight surrenders to twilight, the intricately etched golden accents reflect the subdued glow of the setting sun. The elongated shape of the wooden drop creates a graceful silhouette, gracefully framing your face and enhancing your natural beauty.

Sunset Earrings

R220,00 Regular Price
R110,00Sale Price
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