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Nightmare on Momstreet

Monday Morning I woke up and realised with a bang I had to make a plan. There was no more time to wait. I made a mistake, my mistake and now I had to fix it.

History I have known about the Father Daughter Winter Ball since February. I ordered the dresses in March and April. These dresses are so gorgeous and my girls loved it. I ordered it on Wish so it comes from China. I know, a big leap of faith but I trusted that these dresses were going to be everything they dreamed of. I figured there will be enough time to make another plan should these dresses be a disappointment. Nothing happened. As in they still haven't arrived.

Roxy's Wish Dress


The Idea! I decided to take matters in my own hands! I was going to meet myself half way! First things first..... I needed a starting point so I was at the mall at 9am on Monday morning! I needed inspiration. I needed idea's.  I walked in and out of Edgars, straight to Foshini where I saw a velvet dirty pink body suite. The size was going to determine the color per child. It worked out perfect, Nika looks beautiful in pastels. I didn’t buy anything yet but my head was working overtime. Idea's popped in from all over the place and I felt God's comfort. I walked over to Truworths and again I saw a blue knee high dress, gorgeous color, exactly the same color as the one I ordered for Roxy, and my mind was set. I knew what to do, but I needed to ask my mom what she thought. I called my mom who was about to board a plane and asked her opinion. They (mom and dad) spent the entire weekend scouting shopping centres in Johannesburg and Pretoria without any luck. She agreed that my idea might work, although I think she had her doubts. She didn't show that, instead she was encouraging and motivated me.  I went back to Foshini and bought the pinkish body suite. Also found some really nice fluffy warm socks for Luke. I made my way back to Truworths and bought the blue Max & Mia LTD dress.


One Step At a Time I decided I needed to take one step at a time. First step would be to remain calm. I will buy what I need for the first dress / skirt and only later in the week worry about the next dress.  Why confuse myself? Why put more pressure on myself?

The Long Wait I couldn't start immediately, I had a meeting and then 4 kids. For the first time since school started I felt like I was coping with the mom run and homework. I cooked, we ate, laughed and there was even time for play. I mean really it’s Monday! Since when? I saw God's hand in everything I did, He just carried me.  Out the corner of my eye I saw the different fabrics and I knew what was waiting for me, but never did I feel a panic attack arriving. God was in control so everything was under control.  When I told my girls what was going to happen they hesitantly told me that they trusted me. No signs of real worry. Again thank you Jesus. 

Time To Start Once the kids were in bed and settled I started. It was a good night. God kept me company along with my Momfuel Songs. I went to be just at 23:20 and had half a skirt done.

The Ooooh's And The Aaaah's When Roxy saw the half made skirt she freaked. She was so happy and immediately fell in love with the creation. God's grace!!!! We tried it on and she was so happy!  When Nika saw the skirt she said: "Wow mommy, you can really make a dress!!!!" I'm happy because they are happy and their approval has given me even more confidence. I'm making their dresses! They trust me!

Day 2 - Let's Do This! Follow my journey towards 2 ball gown dresses this week. Four days to go but who is counting? I have faith and that is enough.

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