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New Wheels or Not?

When a SAHM shops Car August it will be 5 years, I'll be honest just thinking about it makes me a little tense. My car will then be 5 years old and the motor plan will end. I know when I say this I might sound a little "snotty" but in my defence, I drive thousands of kilometres alone with my four kids. Knowing that I have road side assistance makes me feel a little saver as well as the costs of towing a car for any amount of kilometres and then the dreadful bill to fix whatever part of the engine is gone.... doesn't matter what it is, it's mostly unaffordable. I am however looking forward to having no car payment. This is not a win win situation unless maybe if I extend my motor plan, which is something I'm totally considering this time around. It will cost us, but I think it might be worth it.

My wheels and I So back to me being a "snob." I will live in a 3 bedroom house, I will shop at PEP, I don't do facials, I'm not big on brand names, accept for Muppie Lounge of course but I won't live by these rules. I mean yes I like it but it doesn't bug me if I don't have it. Not in the least. I am however and let me just say this, always have been a car snob. Don't get me wrong, not towards other people. Purely for myself and my own enjoyment, I just love nice wheels. I think it through, I test drive, I plan and there's a couple of boxes I need to tick before I'll even consider a car. Some things have changed though over the years, like the size of my family and the conditions of our roads, so my boxes have changed a little, but it's still a huge decision for me and one I don't take up lightly. I decided to share my journey towards new wheels - or who know's maybe just an extended motor plan.

Option 1 - Extended Motor Plan Extended motor plan - this way we get to have no monthly car payment and I still feel safe. I don't get to drive a new car, but with the kids still little I am willing to wait so that I (the kids) can take better care of the next car. Kids mess and brake things and we see it when its way too late. It's not like I don't like my car, I do enjoy the space and the V6. My problem with my current car - the tires. They are low profiles and for those that haven't seen the roads down this side of the world, it's really bad! I go through tires like toilet paper.

Option 2 - Mini 5-Door Hatch S This is an option I've been looking at for a while now, and it might seem absolutely crazy to you but I've tested it and it works. A small car where the kids fit like sardines so they can't walk around in the car and have one big party while I drive. (It's not really that bad, I promise.) The small zippy sexy little beast that I've been eyeing for a long time now... the Mini 5-Door Hatch S.


the Mini website and build your own car. I do this to relax, I love it. The boot is big enough for 4 school bags or weekly groceries. We went to a Mini dealer in Cape Town last year to see if we will fit, and we do. (Without my husband) I think this is the best town car and what I love about this specific model, it has 4 doors so I won't have those issues. My first Mini was the Cooper S and only had 2 doors. Luckily that was before kids. My other concern with this option,  the low profile tires, and this car might just fit into one of the pothole in our town.

The Verdict As much as I absolutely adore this car and would sell my house to have one, I think it's safe to say that this might not be the right choice. (emphasis on might) If I was a brat I wouldn't think twice, but there are so many things to concider here. Also I am not sure if my daddy would approve, he's a practical man. Luckily my husband also loves it, so I could possibly convince him seeing that he is the gate way to my next car. I am not scraping this option, I'm way too in love. If I go with this option, please don't judge me, remember I'm a car snob. 

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