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It's a mess!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I honestly don't know if this just happens to me but I wake up some days, maybe once every 3 4 months and I am so irritated by my house and the mess it's in I want to scream!!! It looks the same every day but just this one day I want to clean out every cupboard, wash everything, move everything and sort everything.

With 4 kids you can imagine what a garage full of toys look like after 4 months, it's almost beyond repair! Not even to talk about all the little papers and nonsense you find hidden in 30 different little spots all over the house!

Then I think I use to be so organized but now it feels like everything is always in a mess! You clean something and not even a day later it's a mess again! I once built every single puzzle we have to make sure all the pieces are together and it took 1 week before it was a mess again!

It's not just the house that is getting to me, it's these busy schedules, grocery shopping, always having something to do on the to do list......

I'm a stay at home mom and a person would think we have time to hang out with friends, have a coffee date with a different friend each day, but for some or other reason I never see my friends, I never have a minute to spare and I never sit and watch TV!

What am I doing wrong? I feel beaten today by life and I think it's okay to have days where everything feels a little too much! I thank the Lord that we get a new day and a new beginning every day! Hopefully when I wake tomorrow the mixed puzzles and Lego won't bug me so much and I can breath.

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