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It's a hard knock life! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Every day I am challenged in a different way. I had my baby at the doctor on Monday due to a bad night and then a bad nap. He has ear infection. Shame, only on the right side but it's very sore! He is doing great and the medicine is really working, but unfortunately there is always a but.

The antibiotics has now given him a burnt bum, so bad that I can't even wipe it with wipes anymore. It's just too sore and too raw.

He cried in the bath but I had to wash him, as he jumped out the bath he did what he always does and ran away from me, naked down the passage! It's a game! Tonight I left him naked a little longer, thought I will give him a chance to dry his bum naturally then he doesn't have to go through more pain.

It wasn't long after they were all out and dressed that my middle daughter screamed! I instantly knew! He made not 1 but 3 beautiful potties on the floor 🙈 ........

I should have known but I gave a 2 year old the benefit of the doubt! I won't go into detail when I cleaned it because it was not a pretty site! The worst of all is I had to clean his poor little bum again and he was freaking! It brakes my heart! It's a real heart sore cry, painful cry! The thing that makes it so hard is that I am the one doing it to him because I need to clean it and clean it properly.

We have to be strong and we have to be honest, we have to be hard but we also have to be soft. We have to be the bad cop but then we also have to be the one they run to and cry. We have to be love, safety, security and comfort. We have to be all those things all the time for our children to get the right amount of everything into their lives each day so they can just be okay in this world.

It's hard! It's hard when it always finally comes down to you! But there is a God! A God bigger than anything we deal with and no matter how sick we get when we clean their mess, no matter how tired we get because we don't sleep, no matter how broken we feel because of their brokenness and their pain, no matter what, He is there and we too have a place to go cry, a place to go hide and a place to find safety, security, love and comfort.

Our Heavenly Father doesn't sleep and never goes away, He is there or here for us 24 hours a day..... How big is that? How amazing is it to know we always have a "go to" person! I find my comfort in knowing that He is always holding my hand and when I let go, He takes it again and again and again......

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