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Hats off! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Today was the first night of the school melodrama, and I am exhausted. Feels like we made food all day, but when I walked through my door tonight I couldn't wait to eat! I was so hungry!!! After I don't know what felt like 500 loafs of bread for toasted ham and cheese sandwiches and 1000 pancakes I am dead!

Worst of all is I had such a busy day but normally my busy days involve my children and today I never saw them. Maybe an hour here or there, but I never really saw them. When I left today at 5 for the 4th time today, back to school my boy was in tears. How must he understand that mommy is never at home. This was day 1 of 4 days.

I realized they still need me, they need me to still be here, home and with them. They are still so little and although I have dreams and things I want to do, I must take it slow because I'm first a mom, their mom and it's the only thing they know. They can handle me being in and out and busy but not like today. Not never being at home. I think I hardly spoke 20 words to my husband today, I was just too tired for any kind of conversation! So tonight I take my hat of too the working moms out there!

I honestly don't know how you do it, how you juggle everything, from being a mom to a wife to a house runner and then still have a job where I am sure you also give it your best efforts all the time.

We are a very special specie, God put us together very carefully, very strong, very soft, full of love, and happy to be the least as long as everything and everyone else is happy. Thank you Lord for making me a girl, and thank you Lord that I can be a mommy at home.

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