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Golden Oldie, There’s no better way, 12/10/2016

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I’m sharing an old post today and I must admit it had my tummy in a knot. It’s amazing to write and go back a year later and see what God has done. I’m sharing this specific post because it goes so well with my post from yesterday, “He’s got my back.”

This post was written October 12th, 2016.

I burst into tears today when I hit the circle before I left town! You see, I'm going to be very honest with you today. We have been dealing with so many things over the last couple of months, not just one thing but plenty.(the famous old story, when it rains it pours)

One of our challenges, a guy that has made our lives so difficult by lies he has spread and things he has done! It got so bad 5 months ago that we got a restraining order against him but that only kept him away physically. It didn't stop him from talking bad, doing terrible things like throwing my car with a golf ball while 2 of my kids were in the car and so forth. This entire story landed up in court which is not our local hang out and we have never in our lives dealt with anything like this! This morning when my husband called, he told me the story was in the newspaper. I completely lost it. Not only was I furious but I was hurting for my husband. “How much more Lord?? Hoe much!!!!”

I had the type of anger where I don't believe I would have been able to control myself if I had to see this guy in the street. I just had enough! I told my husband that enough was enough, but all he said was he will pray and God will sort it out. After our conversation I decided I will go to the newspaper without his approval or permission (I was that angry!) because I was done allowing this guy to do any more damage! I was furious.

I had to leave for Bloemfontein, my baby had a doctors appointment there. I was really fighting with God at that moment and I said to Him: "I am going to the newspaper and I am going to rip this guy apart!!! Nothing can stop me!" But then I also said "Lord, you have from Welkom to Bloemfontein to convince me otherwise!" In my heart of hearts nothing could convince me! I made up my mind!

God has a sense of humor.

One of my closest friends gave me a cd series of Joyce Meyer to listen to in my car about 3 weeks before and I decided to listen to it. Before I hit the circle on the road that leads out of town, before she finished her 3rd sentence, I literally burst into tears and told God "you have got to be kidding me!" He convinced me even before I left town! He told me that I don't need to go to the newspaper and that He has everything under control! I cried! I couldn't believe it! What is so amazing to me is that He didn't waist 180km trying to convince me, he waisted only 2 or 3km to convince me, the rest of the time He spent teaching me amazing things and making my heart whole and pure again.

Wow I love God!!!! It was incredible! God said, (Joyce actually said it but you know God speaks through her) we all have self control, use it! Control your emotions and control your anger! He said it's okay to feel it but don't act on it! Right there and then I was sold! She spoke about how we focus on people as the enemy where the real enemy is actually the devil and he just uses people to destroy Gods plan for our lives! She said the only way we can beat the devil is not by playing his type of games but to actually do what is really really hard and pray for our enemies! I was completely blown away!!! Blown away by what He was expecting from me and also blown away that He actually convinced me and so quick! (3 sentences- the first 3!)

Then to put a cherry on the cake, this is what I love so much about God, He doesn't just give us, He gives us MORE! I left my money in the car when I went into the hospital where the doctor was and had to walk all the way back to the car and then back to the hospital to pay for my parking ticket and then back to the car again. Now if you are a mom you will understand that these small little things become very complicated when you have a baby on the hip! It was like a mountain in front of me. I knew I had to do it if I ever wanted to leave the hospital but not with great joy! So we saw the doctor and I had to go to admissions to book a bed. At that stage my baby was irritated, crying, hot and tired. I was sweating and couldn't sit down because then he would start crying again. The guy behind the computer was very patient with me, I didn't even have my medical aid card!!! I mean really?? What kind of a mom takes her kid to the doctor and leaves the medical aid card? Eventually he did what was needed without my card and I was ready to make my way to the car and back and then back again! Just before I turned around to leave he said, "mam, here is a free parking ticket for you!" "You can use this one and just leave the other ticket."

I couldn't believe my ears! I had mixed emotions, tears of joy, tears of frustration, tears of thankfulness .... “what are the chances that You, my God bless me even in the smallest little details like walking up and down a parking area! I was completely blown away by God's grace and this miracle!

If I can say only one thing today it would be to open your heart for God! His power and His glory is something that we can not comprehend! He is bigger than anything we can imagine and in my eyes, we have victory! Maybe not in a 85% lying article but with God I will take on any war!!!! I realized today that it is not the amount of battles we win, but ultimately victory is already ours, because we walk with God. God is awesome!

Thank you Jesus ❤️

We are sitting 14 months later and God resolved everything, we trusted Him and He gave us guidance. If I look back today, I see what another article would have done. He saved us from an even longer and harder road to victory.

Surrender all things to Christ and He will take care of things for you.

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