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Golden Oldie, Lying on your back, 1/8/16

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I was looking for a specific post for another blogger and stumbled upon some old posts that I really enjoyed reading. This specific post was my highest organic reach ever.

Lying on your back.

It is hardest when you see people you love go through difficult times. Sometimes they are so close, your own heart feels the pain.

Difficult times can be measured in so many different ways, but the strain is all in the same. It's never nice to lie down on your back facing the world with the feeling of loss but it's those moments when you are lying on your back and have completely reached your ultimate low that God can do His greatest works. It's those moments where He starts to mold you all over again and slowly but surely bring you back to your feet to be a stronger greater warrior for Christ.

I always believe in hope! No matter how dark a room, if you give light a 1% change to shine through somewhere, that light is visible and you can see it no matter where you stand in that dark room! Darkness has never overcome light, and it can't ever win!

We serve a mighty God who is King of kings and God of all, He created the entire universe, bigger than what we can ever imagine and I am glad if He chooses me. If He choose me to mold and to shape for greater things, well then I say bring it on, I am ready.

We need to always hold onto the light, no person goes through life without any darkness. He is our hope and our future, He is the answer to every question we have and He chose us!

I pray that every time someone is lying on their back, broken, that they would go find the light and allow God to do something magnificent in their life!

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