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Facing my giant! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Ever been in a place in your life where you facing what seems like the biggest mountain ever in your life?

I told a good friend about something I'm facing at the moment and what God has told me to do. It's nothing major but for me it's like massive. I'm generally a confident woman but in this one area God is challenging me now, well I'm not so sure of myself.

It's like I know what God told me but I want to keep a back door open and run! I want to have a back up plan! Every time I think about it I want to RUN and my tummy turns into butterflies!

This special friend of mine listened patiently and when she finally got a turn to talk she said the following: "do you think David stood in front of Goliath without fear?" She said that he must have also been scared, not a little bit but a lot! Imagine standing in front of a giant warrior knowing you have to fight him, and then actually doing it, and he did it. He went ahead and stood in front of his giant in faith and he took the giant, his giant out! She also said that my fear is not a bad thing but a good thing.

This kind of fear keeps us humble and in this way I will do what I need to do because God will give me the strength. It won't be my strength, all the glory will go to Him. And that is what it's all about!

I'm not a slave of fear but this fear is a different kind of fear. It's not a fear from the flesh, it's more like a spiritual fear. What God is asking from me is bigger than anything I have ever done for Him and I am willing but I'm also scared because I'm human and I have to step out the boat and walk on water.

She gave me something so real when I spoke to her this weekend and I said to her it's funny because I tell this story about David over and over to my kids and at Sunday school, yet I never even thought about it for myself. So I will turn my fear into good fear to know that when I step out on the water that I keep my eyes on Jesus and not loose faith and hope, so that I can do the good works of the Lord and ultimately glorify His name.

It's good to have people in our lives that also loves the Lord, people that can be instruments in our lives.

For her I'm grateful, she gave me more than just a story in the bible, she gave me power to face my giant ❤️

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